I came to Japan 23 years ago to teach English in high schools. I fell in love with Japan (Hokkaido in particular), and have been here ever since! I worked for two years in Nagano, preparing for the Nagano Winter Olympics, and have held a variety of teaching positions in Nagano, Shizuoka and Hokkaido to fit in with my husband’s transfer schedule. Teaching has always been my passion, and in 2004 we moved permanently to Eniwa, where I was able to open my own school, Action English Eniwa. Since then I have been constantly refining my curriculum in order to give the best possible English education to my students, who have become very dear to me.

I am married to a Japanese man, and we have two boys who attend local schools. We speak English at home as a family, and in our free time we love to travel around Japan together, studying local history and visiting the many fascinating hidden places in this country.